The Role of a Private Investigator in Child Custody Cases

Private investigators serve as impartial professionals who work to uncover the truth and provide factual information relevant to child custody proceedings.

Around the world, private investigators are sometimes employed by the courts to work on child custody cases, to act as that impartial advisor. In Kenya, it tends to be more of a case where one parent will hire a private investigator as a way of gathering evidence about the other.

A good private investigator will still retain their integrity and maintain ethical standards. Their role is not to help one parent win custody – it is to gather evidence only that may or may not prove that a parent is unsuitable as the custodial party.

So, if you were hoping to hire a PI to slander your ex-partner, you’ll have to think again. But if you’ve got genuine concerns for how your child’s other parent is treating them, that you feel would have a significant bearing on a child custody case, then it may be worth employing a PI to help you.

Gathering Evidence in Child Custody Investigations

Private investigators play a crucial role in gathering evidence in child custody cases, employing various methods and techniques to uncover the truth. Through discreet surveillance, they carefully observe the behaviour and interactions of the parties involved.

Whether it’s monitoring parental conduct during visitations or documenting instances of substance abuse or neglect, private investigators are skilled at capturing the necessary evidence.

By utilizing tools such as photographs, videos, and audio recordings, they provide tangible proof that can either strengthen or challenge the claims made by either parent.

Private investigators can also look deeper into someone’s history, finding out whether there have been any historic civil matters which could have a bearing on the parent’s ability or right to have custody of their child.

And they can look into their work and home situation, to determine the suitability for supporting a child. If a parent is claiming to be able to provide a safe and secure home, and a steady income, a PI can use their skills to make sure what they are claiming is true.

Adhering to Legal and Ethical Guidelines

Private investigators understand the paramount importance of adhering to legal and ethical guidelines throughout the course of child custody investigations. They operate within the defined boundaries set by the law to ensure that all their actions are not only legal but also admissible in court.

Respecting privacy and maintaining strict confidentiality are fundamental principles for private investigators. They meticulously obtain evidence through lawful means, ensuring that their methods align with the requirements of the legal system.

This is, of course, even more important when it’s a case involving a child. PIs must be very careful to only document the evidence necessary to the case and avoid unnecessary surveillance of children. That’s why it’s important to use a trusted and experience private investigator – otherwise a court may refuse to accept any evidence gathered.

By working closely with solicitors, private investigators guarantee that the evidence they collect meets the standards necessary for court proceedings.

And ethically, PIs will never twist the facts – making sure the child is always the priority.

Presenting Findings and Testifying

Upon completion of the investigation, private investigators compile their findings into a comprehensive report that presents the evidence in a clear and concise manner.

This report includes all relevant information, such as observations, statements, and tangible evidence gathered during the investigation process. The purpose of this report is to provide a solid foundation for the presentation of findings in court.

In some cases, private investigators may be required to testify as expert witnesses. Drawing upon their extensive experience and expertise, they provide professional opinions and insights that are based on the evidence they have collected.

This expert testimony can significantly influence the court’s understanding of the case and have a direct impact on custody decisions.

Private investigators understand the weight and importance of their role in presenting findings and testifying, and they approach this responsibility with professionalism and integrity. They know the format of court cases, and will always make sure to be fully prepared to avoid undermining the case.


In child custody cases, the involvement of a skilled and experienced private investigator can be instrumental in ensuring a fair resolution. Their role as impartial professionals dedicated to uncovering the truth adds a valuable perspective to custody disputes.

By gathering evidence, adhering to legal and ethical guidelines, and presenting their findings in court, private investigators provide crucial support to the parties involved. Their expertise enhances the legal strategies of their clients and increases the likelihood of securing a favourable outcome that prioritizes the well-being of the child.

When it comes to child custody investigations, the contributions of a private investigator can make a significant difference in the pursuit of justice and the best interests of the child.

It’s also worth considering the use of a private investigator if you’re battling to win child support payments. If you know your ex partner is working but they claim not to be, you can employ a PI to gather evidence of their illicit, unreported earnings and use that evidence to get the money your child deserves.

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