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Beirut Private Investigators are a private Investigators in Meru providing investigation and surveillance services to private and commercial clients throughout Kenya and East Africa Community Region. Beirut Private Investigators are highly experienced and have an extensive network of professional investigators based around the world which provides us with the ability to mobilize a team of bespoke private investigators at very short notice, this enables us to conduct investigations cost effectively and efficiently to the benefit of the client.

Beirut Private investigators have many years’ experience working with individuals and companies to provide a range of bespoke investigations and intelligence services including but not limited to surveillance, security tests, tracing, matrimonial and child custody matters.

Our team has a diverse range of skills developed from military and police backgrounds which enables us to hand pick the right skill set of experts to competently conduct your investigation.  

Private investigator and detective services 

Beirut Private Investigators provide professional investigation services in East Africa for private and commercial clients.  Below is a list of services we offer but not limited to.

Intelligence & Surveillance 

In Kenya and East Africa, whether you require assistance with matrimonial, infidelity, Fraud Investigation or child custody matters, Beirut can utilise a multitude of professional services. This includes providing covert surveillance teams to obtain evidential footage of matrimonial infidelity taking place to lifestyle checks and peace of mind.  Every case is different so we deploy the services you need for your exact situation.

When you’re faced with a personal dilemma of any kind, the best decisions are based on facts. Our professional highly trained investigators can help establish those facts and give you tangible evidence to help you make important life choices.

The spouse who is acting strangely. The child who might be hanging out with the wrong crowd. Or the money that has gone missing from the business accounts.  You can deal with such problems fairly if you have clear, undeniable proof.

Over 95% of our cases involve surveillance because our experts successfully find evidence where others fail. Highly trained in our military or police backgrounds, we melt into crowds as we follow people on foot or in vehicles. We remain unseen while observing a fixed address. And we convincingly pose undercover as customers, workers or strangers in a bar.  Our private investigators will work lawfully, discreetly and quickly to give you all the facts you need.

Cheating Partner Investigations

If you suspect your partner is cheating it can feel like mental torture. Beirut detectives can help stop the pain by showing you lawful proof of your partner’s movements. 

Why are Beirut private investigators considered best surveillance detectives? Because we are highly experienced and use world-class training from our police and military backgrounds to execute every job with precision, discretion, efficiency and professionalism.

Child Custody Investigations 

Emotional dilemmas involving children are hard to deal with. Beirut can help by gleaning clear, irrefutable evidence in any personal or legal case involving children.

Beirut investigators are considered best surveillance detectives. We are highly experienced and use world-class training from our police and military backgrounds to execute every job with precision, discretion, efficiency and professionalism.

Beirut Associates are dedicated to mothers and fathers who are being alienated from their children.  If you have genuine concerns about your child’s welfare and feel you are being punished for no reason, Beirut can help you get back to maintaining a loving relationship with your child.

Workplace Fraud Investigations Kenya.

In small and big businesses, trust is sometimes abused. In civil court cases and tribunals, Beirut has provided irrefutable evidence of employee absenteeism and sickness, and in commercial, housing and property disputes.  

Proving theft from your business in Kenya needs to be done with precision and professionalism. Beirut  are highly experienced in using a variety of skills and up to date technology to gain solid evidence. Let us help you identify dishonest employees and provide you with clear, undeniable evidence for your day in court.

Vehicle & Asset Tracking Kenya.

Need to know where your asset is 24 hours a day? Beirut can show you. Please note as a stand alone service this is only an aid but using a combination of GPS devices and surveillance, our evidence is clear, irrefutable and fully admissible in court.

Our vehicle tracking team is highly experienced and deployed throughout Kenya regularly. We constantly update our equipment to ensure we use the most up to date technology on the market. Our detectives can check in with you as and when required.

Skip Trace.

Beirut have worked all over the world to locate people. And we have an impressive 95% success rate.  Beirut ‘s investigators succeed where others fail because of our experience, diligence and dogged determination.  When searching for a missing parent, long-lost child, former partner or old friend allow us to take the stress of your shoulders, we simply ask for a minimum of a name, date of birth and last known address or area.

Background Checks Kenya.

Beirut will lawfully carry out a Background Check or Due Diligence Enquiry on an individual you may have concerns over, enquiries are carried out utilising databases that we subscribe to as well as others open to the public domain along with discreet enquiries should they be warranted. A full report with appendices of our evidence is provided to enable you to decide on the way forward.

Process Server Kenya.

Document serving needs to be carried out by assertive, reliable and trustworthy agents. That’s exactly why legal firms throughout the Kenya call on Beirut to carry out all their process serving needs.  Our operatives ensure every job is executed with precision, efficiency and professionalism.  We look to get all cases complete within a 24hr period.

What next, how to instruct Beirut Private Investigators, Kenya?

All enquiries are strictly private and confidential.

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