Our spies, detectives and private investigators work both for particulars as for corporate clients
Our private detectives agency makes itself present especially in cases of missing people, investigations about matrimonial cases (related with deceiving, infidelity and divorce), in cases of hidden surveillance and also in antecedent control and detailed reports.
Our private detectives normally carry investigations of fake injuries and fraudulent insurance claims, recover data from mobile cellphones and computers, and investigate corporate fraud.
If you have any problem and do not want to sign a private detective, you will probably have to try a variety of techniques to get to the solution you most require. Our secret detectives can manage any kind of work in just a matter of hours. We count on great experience and a team of secret and professional investigators
We perfectly understand you might be transitioning through a stressing time, and we want to assure that each inquiry is managed with the strictest confidentiality.
As one of the main detective agencies in Tanzania, we can offer a big service spectrum flexible enough to adapt to your own needs and budget. We carry private investigations with an unparalleled level of professionalism and experience, and guarantee that all our tasks are made with great effectiveness and secrecy.
If you are searching for a professional detective in Tanzania, Beirut Private Investigators can offer you a highly effective service that will get you the satisfaction and tranquility you deserve. Contact with us to carry out a free inquiry

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