If you suspect your spouse, common law partner or live-in-partner is having an affair you need to discover the truth, fast. The ‘gut feeling’ can be right, or it can be very wrong! The only way you can find peace of mind is by getting clear answers about the suspicious activities and unknown whereabouts of your partner. Don’t be the spouse who is tormented by ignorance and suffers in silence.

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Statistics show that when a spouse or partner instinctively believes that there is something going on in the relationship, whether infidelity or other issues, they are normally right. A spouse’s instinct can be very powerful, but it can also be very wrong. If you feel that your partner is not being honest with you, for peace of mind or closure, call the experts at Beirut Private investigators. The physical and mental health of everyone in the household is affected when there are issues or suspicions that go unresolved. We will work with you, and your lawyer if necessary, to get the evidence you need to be successful in court regarding custody, child safety, and settlements.


Every relationship is different but you are best placed to see signs that something is different. Trust your instincts if they tell you your spouse or partner is cheating. The signs below are indicators of a cheating spouse, especially if there is a marked deviation from their usual behavior.

  • Sudden interest in appearance
  • Using the phone or computer secretly or adding a password
  • Unexplained periods when your significant other cannot be reached
  • Odd expenses and charges on credit cards, personal savings accounts
  • Sudden increase or decrease in sex or changed sexual preferences
  • Hostility towards you and your relationship
  • Fading emotional intimacy
  • Big changes to daily schedules

Trust the Experts at Beirut Private investigators


Our investigators are former police officers, military personnel and technical specialists who bring decades of experience in surveillance and investigation. As the leading private investigators in Kenya, we are licensed and equipped to perform round-the-clock physical surveillance, find concealed property and secret liaisons and financial checks.

Character and background checks

Audio, video and photographic evidence

GPS tracing

24/7 surveillance

Public databases and internet searches

Personal Property Security Registration

Land registry search

Social media and internet activity investigations

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