BEIRUT PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS IN KENYA . (Call/WhatsApp +254736047772 ) is the leading private Investigators firm and corporate intelligence providers Headquartered in Kenya.

BEIRUT is a private investigation firm whose mission is to provide you with tangible evidence in order to help you make informed strategical decisions.

We gather information on your behalf in a discreet and entirely legal manner in order to defend your rights.

We put forth the very best to meet your expectations and provide answers to your questions.

The purpose of our investigations is to gather the necessary evidence in order to ensure that you obtain that to which you are legally entitled, resolve disputes, or disprove any false accusations against you.

Private Investigations in Nairobi and Mombasa Kenya

Located in Kenya, our team of licensed investigators conducts surveillance, undercover work, and every type of investigation throughout the East African Region.

We work civil and domestic cases, commercial and industrial cases, employment and social cases as well as criminal cases at the request of individuals, professionals, lawyers and even public entities

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