Beirut Private Investigators operates globally and is able to work seamlessly in numerous countries. Our comprehensive array of discreet private investigation services encompasses international background checks, private investigations, due diligence, global employment screening, and expert surveillance, ensuring we are your trusted partner in resolving complex issues across borders.


International investigations encompass inquiries that span multiple countries, jurisdictions, borders, or states. These investigations can arise from various contexts, including personal, business, financial, or legal matters. When it comes to international coverage, look no further than Beirut Private Investigators. We bring a wealth of expertise and a commitment to delivering high-quality results. Our services provide you with the clear evidence needed to make well-informed decisions.

Have you encountered someone special through social media or online dating? Are you considering a business venture with an overseas partner? Are you expanding your workforce internationally? Beirut Private Investigators offers comprehensive international verifications for individuals and businesses, safeguarding you from dating scams, internet fraud, subpar hiring decisions, and more. Rest assured, all our services are handled with the utmost confidentiality.

For businesses, avoiding costly hiring mistakes is crucial when venturing into international markets. Individuals seeking romance can protect themselves from scams and safety concerns through our dating background checks. Investors eyeing overseas opportunities can benefit from our in-depth company verification and due diligence reports. Beirut Private Investigators is a trusted member of an extensive international private investigator network spanning numerous countries. As a professional and certified agency, we strictly comply with local and international laws and regulations. Your investigation will be conducted with precision and full legal adherence.


Like their local counterparts, international investigations can involve intricate and delicate matters. The search for a qualified private investigator well-versed in international complexities can be a rarity. In this context, Beirut Private Investigators offers an array of global services tailored to address a multitude of needs:

  • Asset Investigations: Uncovering information about individuals or entities’ financial holdings and resources.
  • Skip Tracing Investigations: Locating and tracing individuals who have intentionally evaded contact or discovery.
  • National Background Reports: In-depth reports providing insights into an individual’s or entity’s background, including criminal history, financial records, and more.
  • Surveillance Investigations: The discreet monitoring of individuals or activities to gather relevant information.
  • Missing or Abducted Person Investigations: Searching for and locating individuals who have gone missing or have been abducted.
  • Human Trafficking Investigations: Investigating cases related to human trafficking, a critical and sensitive issue.
  • International Background Checks: In-depth investigations into the backgrounds of individuals or businesses with international connections.
  • Private Investigations: Customized investigative services designed to meet specific client needs.
  • Due Diligence Investigations: Comprehensive research and investigation to assess the legitimacy and credibility of individuals or entities.
  • International Employment Screening: Thorough screening processes for international hires, promoting informed hiring decisions.


In our increasingly globalized world, individuals and businesses are exposed to threats like fraud, espionage, and identity attacks or theft. At Beirut Private Investigators, we possess the technological acumen, extensive investigative experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and a vast network of contacts essential for initiating and successfully concluding international cases. We operate with full licensure, unwavering efficiency, a commitment to ethical conduct, and professionalism in gathering information for each client. Our dedication to quality service and wealth of experience and knowledge distinguishes us from our peers in the field.

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