Not knowing for sure whether you have an unfaithful partner can sometimes be worse than being in full possession of the facts. If you’re concerned about marital infidelity, why not elist the help of Beirut Private Investigators? We carry out matrimonial investigations to help clients with a suspected cheating partner find the answers they need.

You know your partner better than anyone, so you’re best placed to determine whether they’re acting strange or suspicious. Some of the telltale signs your partner is cheating include:

  • emotional distance or sudden bursts of criticism or cruelty
  • unusual working hours
  • new, unexpected friends you’ve never heard of before
  • increased vanity
  • sudden changes to their appearance
  • leaving the marital bed
  • new security settings on their phone (on silent all the time; new password; never leaves their side)

“With the rise of technology, the possibilities to carry out and hide infidelity are endless; digital infidelity is often only the starting point and can lead to a real situation.”


It’s never been easier to be in several relationships at once. Accordingly, there has been more demand to investigate romantic or marital partners than any other type of personal investigation in the past decade alone.

A full list of signs that your partner is cheating on you can be provided by a private matrimonial investigator. However, if you have noticed a regular occurrence of any of the main signs of infidelity above and you find yourself needing to find out the truth, it may be wise to pick up the phone and call us for a preliminary consultation on.

When you are overcome by doubt and suspicion, Beirut Private Investigators are here to help. We offer pre-nuptial and matrimonial investigations to help you get to the bottom of your relationship issue. We are also able to carry out digital forensics services and surveillance on your potentially unfaithful partner. We also cover background checks for arranged marriage investigations.



You have a right to know whether your partner is being unfaithful. Get in contact with us to find out the facts.

100% Discrete. Safe. Reliable.

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