Given recent revelations concerning the disastrous real estate and mortgage scandal, there has been and continues to be ever increasing real estate fraud plague in African countries. Undoubtedly it will be years before the impact of such activities will be known. Unfortunately those charged with protecting the interests of buyers, sellers, contractors, insurance companies and lending institutions have in many cases been the source of such fraudulent activities.

Our professionals provide those who are victimized by fraudulent conduct to have a fraud risk analysis of any real estate or mortgage transaction. Additionally, identify those responsible for the fraud and develop a strategy to hold them accountable for their conduct and repair any damage they may have caused.

Our staff professionals are well equipped to examine documents germane to real estate and mortgage transactions and have been successful in detecting, preventing and apprehending perpetrators. We work hand in hand with our Kenyan Law Firm to develop the evidence that will aid in prosecution of such scams.

Many of the scams today are not discovered until something triggers an inquiry. This combined with an archaic public recording system of such transactions have allowed the fraudsters to have unimpeded opportunities to commit these types of fraud. Before you settle down in Kenya, give us a call and let us conduct a fraud investigation. It can be an investment worth looking into. Our Real Estate Fraud investigators have saved tourists and future residents thousands of dollars in fraud and scams

Real Estate Fraud Investigation Services

  • Closing agent file review
  • Fraud identification and investigation
  • Comprehensive recordation reviews
  • Mortgage proposal reviews
  • Immediate & interim crisis intervention strategies
  • Hard money lender due diligence
  • Real estate and mortgage broker background investigations
  • Real estate and mortgage broker internal investigations of suspicious activity
  • Preparation of statement of facts for presentation to law enforcement if warranted
  • Background screening of potential buyers, sellers and agents
  • Assist in identification, location and recovery of ill gotten gains from fraud

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