Have you noticed a change in your spouse’s behaviour?
You may have noticed tell tale signs of a cheating spouse like unusual credit card charges, longer working hours and mysterious phone calls. Besides feeling angry and disappointed, you would want answers. You need to find out the truth in order to put your mind at ease, otherwise you will continue to live your life in worry and doubt. You may not know why he/she cheated but a private investigator for a cheating spouse can help you determine if an affair really took place. Only by knowing, will you be able to decide how to deal with the nature of your relationship moving forward.


The Beirut Private Investigators has extensive experience in surveillance work related to domestic affairs especially with tracking your spouse. Our licensed private investigators are experts when it comes to determining the right approach towards a cheating spouse investigation. When you hire a private investigator from our firm, you can be sure that the investigator will handle the infidelity case with complete discretion so as to maintain confidentiality of our clients and not let your spouse know they are being investigated. We have access to forefront technologies to aid us with surveillance and evidence documentation, hence ensuring the accuracy of the investigation results.

According to the Tanzania Women’s Charter, one must prove that adultery has taken place in order to file for divorce on the grounds of adultery. Upon discovering evidence of cheating, our investigators will provide the necessary visual/digital evidence with date and time to help you obtain a positive divorce settlement.


If you suspect that you are a victim of an unfaithful spouse, don’t worry about cracking the case yourself. Most often than not, the cheater will take extra precaution to hide evidence and avoid being discovered by their partners themselves. This is why you need a highly experienced cheating spouse private investigator from Beirut Private Investigators to catch them when they are off-guard. 

During an investigation, our private investigators go hot on their trial and take the following steps when conducting surveillance for spouse movement:

  • Understand the schedule/routine of the subject, paying particular attention to off days/free time/suspicious dates/special occasions.
  • Structure/plan the surveillance according to the schedule of the subject, avoiding days and timing which are less likely to yield positive results.
  • Provide the client with status updates and current findings for planning the next surveillance. The investigator will determine the best times of day to produce useful results.
  • Video-record the illicit affair with date and time. Photos are extracted as court evidence if necessary.

These steps are done consistently over a period of time so as to accurately determine whether the person is cheating or not. At the same time, the suspect of the cheating spouse investigation will remain unaware of the discrete tactics we use to track them.


When it comes to court affairs, proof of adultery needs to be irrefutable and usable in order for the judge to rule in your favor when contending for alimony or child custody. This is why we utilize the best technologies to conduct surveillance of the suspected cheater and document evidence of their cheating activities.

Here are some of the surveillance technologies we use:

A cheating spouse is a serious matter and the Beirut Private Investigators is here to assist you in this difficult time of need. We not only help you uncover the truth, but also provide legal assistance should you wish to move forward with divorce proceedings. We understand that every client is undergoing their own set of challenges and have different needs when it comes to pursuing a cheating spouse investigation. Should you require professional help and advice on what to do, contact us for a free consultation today.

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