There is no substitute for visual evidence! We have the experience and we get the results. We have saved our clients millions of dollars in personal injury & workers compensation cases.

We strive to have the best and most professional private investigation firm. We invest thousands of dollars each year into researching technology and developing in-house technology that no one else has. Each case is unique and is treated as such.

Our focus is to aggressively gather evidence to prove fraud. We maintain a small team of superior private investigators each of which has a minimum of 8 years of full time surveillance experience. This alone distinguishes us from firms that offer sub-standard surveillance investigations with minimal experience. We have English, French and Spanish speaking private investigators all over the world. Within Africa, we refuse to “sub out” our cases as we cannot guarantee the quality of the investigator. We service the area as it allows us to guarantee the quality work performed by our team.

Some of our unique technologies include: unmanned cameras, motion detection cameras, unmanned aerial surveillance, and unique radio communication. Every year we buy all available cameras on the market that fit our specifications and conduct head to head testing. After we determine the best cameras all our investigators’ equipment is upgraded EVERY year.

We believe the quality of our work speaks for itself.